Installation and setup guide for the ScreenSaver
Standard Setup
Step1 - Download and unzip ScreenSaverSetup
Step 2 - Run the installation setup file

Step 3 - Complete the installation
Click "next" and "accept" through the installation screens until completed
Step 4 - Run the application
Double clicking the icon on the desktop

Advanced options
Step 1 - right click on the icon in the task tray

Choose settings
Step 2 - Change animation settings
the application provides settings for adjusting the

Inactivity Time - the time before the application runs the slideshow after no movement of the mouse is detected
Transition Time - the amount of time an image is shown before going to the next one
Crossfade Time - the amount of time spent fading out the current and fading in the new image
Step 3 - Change the images that are displayed
You can change the folder location that is used for the images. By default this application comes with specific images but you are able to change this by clicking the "Browse..." button and then finding the folder that contains the images you want to display. After this selection, click the save button

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